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2024 Spring Performances & Awards Ceremony

New Song Music Academy presents 2024 Spring Performances & Awards Ceremony. Hosted by Steinway Hall Dallas in the first week of May, we'll be featuring 100+ students over the course of 4 days with an Awards Ceremony. 


No sheet music is allowed at these performances and music must be memorized unless performing in a duet or ensemble.

Students are expected to dress in Sunday best attire.


All recital days are currently open but have limited participants and seating based on a first come, first serve signup. 

Looking forward to celebrating the end of the school year together with live music!

MEDIA RELEASE: Please note that by registering for and/or attending this event, you agree to be photographed and/or recorded by New Song Music Academy, as well as to the distribution of such photographs and recordings by NSMA.

Performance Times

Thanks for signing up for 2024 Spring Performances. See you soon!

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