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7 Day Kickstart to Playing Piano

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Have you always wanted to play piano but didn't know where to start? Miriam Morales is the Executive Director for New Song Music Academy and has been teaching piano for nearly 15 years and she's specifically setup steps for adult beginners to fulfill their lifelong dream of playing piano. It can be challenging to learn as an adult because as adults we have higher expectations and typically not as much time to dedicate to the outcome. This means we need a direct path with clear coaching, which is what this kickstart to playing piano will provide you.


For 7 days, you'll receive an email with a brief video lesson from her sent directly to your inbox. You will also get a cheatsheet that recaps the information presented in your video lessons.


Try my Free Mini Course to learn how to

  • find notes on the piano

  • starting hand position and technique 

  • differentiate between half steps and whole steps

  • play 4 of the most common major chords


As we walk through these topics, you'll gain the building blocks needed to start playing music you enjoy.


So if you're serious about your dreams of playing music, drop your name and email above to get started. 

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