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the investment of a lifetime

When we invest into learning and enjoying music, we invest into a brighter future for our children and ourselves. The investment of music lessons is not only a fun choice but a wise one since many studies have shown that students who are learning music work their brain out in a way that no other activity provides. 

No matter what your children’s profession may be, they will always be able to incorporate music into their life. We are having an additional performing opportunity next month at a Senior Living center because my hope is that our students will get to see these seniors, who are so much older than they are, still playing the piano. Some of these seniors will tell you how they had big careers in medicine and law but they played music throughout and even today.

Unfortunately, our culture of education does not place a high emphasis on the arts, so it is up to parents to ensure their children are able to not only be exposed to music but also have a chance to grow musically. When parents make music a priority, children learn a way to communicate with anyone in the world and that is priceless. I want to remind you today that the act of sticking with music will never be something that you or your children regret the investment of time and energy because it will truly last a lifetime. Keep moving forward with your pursuit of music and stay the course because in just a few more years, you will be so glad that you did.



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