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refresh your practice space

Hopefully one of your resolutions this coming season to practice more. Since it’s a new year why not spruce up the space you plan to spend so many hours practicing? The more inviting your practice space is then the more likely you are to actually go to it. Here are 5 ways to create a welcoming area for your practice this year.

1. Organize your sheet music, books, assignment pads and keep them in the same place so you can always find them. If you share your practice space with someone else then get some baskets or file folder holders.

2. Have sharpened pencils, pens and highlighters that are dedicated to your practice space and always available. You will be amazed at how much time this saves and how much more efficient your practice is when you can make notes for yourself and mark difficult sections.

3. Have a metronome designated for this area that is not on your phone. Yes, this may cost $30 but it will be worth it so that you are not distracted by looming emails, text messages or social media surfing on your phone or tablet.

4. Have a clock or a timer or both! If you have a timer ready, you can set goals and be held accountable. Again, it will be helpful if this isn’t on your phone so you’re free from interruptions.

5. Finally, put a fun picture or encouraging quote to always inspire you. Maybe it’s a note from your teacher or a picture of a performance that you conquered!

I hope that you follow these tips to having a warm space to practice in. While you’re at it, check out the blog on 3 Keys to Great Practice.


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