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10 Gift Ideas for the Music Lover in Your Life


1. Concert Tickets

Stocking Stuffer: If you're looking for some special inspiration, buy tickets to a concert to have some musical performances to look forward to in the new year. Ideas the Piano Guys, The Dallas Symphony or even Taylor Swift.


2. Music Flashcards

Stocking Stuffer: This is a great stocking stuffer and tool to break up practice time at your instrument. You can use these to help your students drill a few different terms to give them a boost.


3. Music Subscription

Stocking Stuffer: It's so nice to be able to organize your music and listen to it ad-free so consider a subscription from Amazon or Spotify to encourage your musician to be an active listener.


4. Rhythm Experience

Gift Box: Shake things up with a 30 minute private lesson in your home with all the rhythm essentials including: shakers, bells, drum sticks, metronome & practice drumming pad. $197


5. Spring Group Classes

Stocking Stuffer: Come make new friends and get comfortable performing in a group setting. Whether it's Little Pianists, Ukulele People or New Song Young Artists, there is a class for you.


6. Ukulele Experience