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10 Gift Ideas for the Music Lover in Your Life

Updated: Dec 20, 2023


1. Concert Tickets

Stocking Stuffer: If you're looking for some special inspiration, buy tickets to a concert to have some musical performances to look forward to in the new year. Ideas the Piano Guys, The Dallas Symphony or even Taylor Swift.


Stocking Stuffer: This is a great stocking stuffer and tool to break up practice time at your instrument. You can use these to help your students drill a few different terms to give them a boost.


3. Music Subscription

Stocking Stuffer: It's so nice to be able to organize your music and listen to it ad-free so consider a subscription from Amazon or Spotify to encourage your musician to be an active listener.


Gift Box: Shake things up with a 30 minute private lesson in your home with all the rhythm essentials including: shakers, bells, drum sticks, metronome & practice drumming pad. $197


5. Fun Sheet Music: Pick some of your favorite songs or music from movies and get the charts for it at or Of course if you're a New Song Music student you have access to our digital library and can email your request to us at


Gift Box: Have you always had a desire to strum some chords and sing your favorite song? The Ukulele is one of the best instruments to learn because it's portable, easy to start playing and pairs with other instruments like piano and guitar. The ukulele comes fully setup with felt picks, a tuner, case, chord chart, and a 45 minute Ukulele Lesson.


7. Happy Hour Piano

Gift Certificate: For the spouse, friend or family member that has always wanted live music for a party, hire a live musician for a special occasion. Email us for recommendations.


8. Upgrade Your Instrument

Up level what you're playing on is always a great idea before the new year. Whether you're playing your dad's old guitar or a mini-keyboard, email us for any specific recommendations.


9. Trial Music Lesson

Stocking Stuffer: Have you always wanted to try a lesson from the comfort of your home? Gift a 45 minute piano, guitar, violin or voice lesson in the comfort of your home to see if piano is your new thing for the coming year.


10. Spring Lesson Tuition

Gift Box: If you have a grandparent or loved one that would like to gift Spring tuition, reply to this email with a request for a custom gift certificate and a musical ornament.


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