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The perfect time to choose life-enriching investments

More than likely your Spring Break plans went off course due to the spread of the corona virus and the chaos of the stock market is worrying you just a tad (if a tad were the size of California). Nevertheless, now is a great opportunity to show your little ones the importance of investing in life-enriching experiences, not just financial ones.

For beginners, there is no better time than now to learn an instrument. For those who have already been studying music, it’s critical to continue because what better opportunity could there be to practice than when you’re isolated at home. As a music educator, I have stressed the benefits of becoming a musician because as students practice independently, they learn to fully immerse themselves in something that requires complete focus. The end result is that they can not only play solo but eventually collaborate with others. Remember in times of crisis, you can sing with the power on or with the power off. You can play the guitar with others or alone. You play piano when your 9 or 99. You see, learning the language of music is an asset that will pay dividends over a lifetime if you will choose it.

The disaster of the COVID19 Outbreak reminds us to examine what is really important in life. If music is something that enhances your life, then choose music and your children will follow. If they see you listening to music or practicing the piano simply because you enjoy it, then so will they. As you and your family are at home itching for something to do, continue to help them make investments that will enrich their lives with songs for years to come.


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