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The Captivating gift of live music

A lifelong love of music does not begin with lessons or even a new piano or guitar…it begins with experiencing a sound that compels you to listen for more. When we hear these sounds grouped together it makes an impression that we simply are not willing to forget. Even better, is when we can experience the formation of those sounds live, in real-time because we can witness the creation process and engage with the energy created within the room.

I can recall my mom taking me out of school to attend a Jim Brickman concert when I was in the second grade. A seemingly small field trip allowed me to make so many observations that day. For starters, I had never considered before that those pianos in public areas were actually played and for the purposes of gathering around to listen. Secondly, here I was in school all-day thinking adults were at work, when they were actually just going to concerts and eating lunch! There was so much to look forward to that I couldn’t wait to get older and graduate. I was able to meet the pianist and his producer which made it so tangible to the eight-year-old me. I remember him telling me to practice and that someday I could play and create my own music.

To this day, I’m not sure why convinced my mother to take off work so even that made an impression on me. What I realize now is that my mother was very wise because she understood that there was a magic in hearing music performed live that I just couldn’t get from my lessons or my cassette player at home (yes, it was definitely a cassette player).

Trying to learn music without going to hear it live is a very large oversight and a missed opportunity to receive such a captivating gift. As a musician and educator, my goal is to build students into well-rounded musicians and that cannothappen without experiencing live music. So don’t wait to take your children or even make the time for yourself to attend a piano concerto at the symphony, a jazz trio at the wine bar or even a singer-songwriter at your local coffeeshop. Those moments are not only educational, but time well spent and increase the investment you’re already making on lessons and instruments.

Park Cities Baptist Church, The Majesty of Christmas Performance in Dallas, Texas on Sunday, December 2

If you need some suggestions of where to hear live music, ask me @musicwithmiriam.


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