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7 Day Kickstart to Playing Piano

I'm so excited to support you in getting the essentials of piano in your fingers!


There are three things I need you to do right now to make sure you're ready and get the greatest possible value from this 7 Day Kickstart


1. Download your Cheatsheet. This will give you an brief overview of the week, go in depth of the concepts that we will cover in the video lessons as well as give you a checklist of what you need to practice. Download your copy now


2. Schedule it in your calendar.  All you need is 10-15 minutes a day for the next week.  Put an alarm and reminder to make sure that you show up consistently from Day 1. 

3. Invite a friend! We always grow more when we've got an accountability buddy to keep us motivated to finish strong. So which one friend (or two or three) would you like to invite? Share this link with them so they can join in. 

Your video lessons will be sent to your inbox each morning starting tomorrow. I can't wait to hear all the beautiful music you have inside of you!

Happy Practicing!

-Miriam Morales

NSMA Executive Director


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