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Winter 2023 Recital

New Song Music Academy presents 2023 Winter Performances. Join us at the Dallas Arboretum in Christmas Village on Saturday, December 9th for three showtimes, beginning at 11AM, 12PM, and 1PM, with performance by both Students & Faculty. Looking forward to celebrating the holiday season together with live music!

Arrive 10 minutes earlier than your recital time and wear the following for a group photo: Sunday Best with dress shoes (girls: dresses; boys: slacks/khakis no t-shirts).

As a reminder, no sheet music is allowed at this performance and music must be memorized. All performers receive complimentary tickets when you attend Performance Prep and guests can reserve tickets online or with your membership.


Parking lots are equal walking distance to the performing spot so choose any lot when reserving tickets.


Current open times are at 12 pm.

MEDIA RELEASE: Please note that by registering for and/or attending this event, you agree to be photographed and/or recorded by New Song Music Academy, as well as to the distribution of such photographs and recordings by NSMA.

Performance Times

11 AM Closed

1 PM Closed

Thanks for signing up for 2023 Winter Performances. See you there!

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